Service Contracts

Service Contracts by Presto


Presto Kitchen’s Service Contracts include​

Unlimited service by equipment specific trained technicians during normal business hours of 8am to 5pm, Monday to Friday.

Preventive Maintenance visits are quarterly or schedules to meet your needs

Complete instruction and in-service training on all equipment (upon request)


​Clients have access to overlapping customer service staff for trouble shooting and optimal response. Contact information is given for all Presto managing team members.

Before issuing a contract a complete review of all equipment and serial numbers is developed and all equipment given an initial inspection.

After a contract is awarded Presto will sit down and discuss expectations and protocols to ensure that the relationship operates as smooth as possible.

Our Response to You

There are both automatic/proactive responses to service issues and reactive ones.

The best reactive response is a quick dispatch of one our technicians specifically trained for that needed repair.

Proactive responses include our thorough PM schedule on your kitchen equipment.

Provided we have good communication, emergency repairs will be handled the same day and repairs of a secondary priority within 24 hours.

Replacement Parts

When parts are needed we charge only list price and not an inflated price as do some companies. The only exception, and in accordance with industry standard, are Hobart prices are up-charged by 20%.

Continuity of Service

Whenever possible your kitchen, will be serviced by the same group of technicians. This ensures the best service and communication.

Lower your long term costs!

Call us and we will visit with you about getting your own
Preventative Maintenance contract.

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