Preventative Maintenance

Preventative Maintenance by Presto


Without a Presto Preventive Maintenance Program you are missing the foundation for optimizing operation of your commercial kitchen equipment

Our Preventive Maintenance program is designed to increase your operating time and reduce the expensive downtime repairs that occur at critical times.

With our careful Preventative Maintenance program you will have your food service equipment running reliably and safely. This will be done quarterly unless you would prefer every other month or monthly.

You get careful inspection by Presto and plus we do all of the manufacturer’s recommended maintenance of your commercial kitchen cooking and refrigeration equipment.

Lubrication, calibration and adjustment of the equipment are done to insure proper operation. Temperatures are checked.

Since manufacturers have specified certain Preventative Maintenance approaches, we follow them completely to give you the most efficient operation.

No short cuts are taken with your preventative maintenance program.

Training your operators is another important area so they know how to properly use and maintain the equipment.

Complete instruction and in-service training on all equipment is done upon your request. This can reduce breakdown problems that may come from misuse.

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